Welcome to Paleo Winning! Paleo is more than a diet. It is a lifestyle. More to the point, this website is my story and how eating paleo has changed my life. As a result of eating paleo I have lost 35+ pounds so far! All in less than two months! When I began I weighed 224 pounds. I am now 188 pounds and have a goal of about thirteen more pounds. Yep! 175 pounds is my goal! Winning!


The good news is that eating paleo doesn’t mean adherence to a strict regimen that tastes like oven-baked cardboard and leaves you craving something to eat and snack on every minute of the day. No, everything I eat is delicious and healthy. And sure, I fudge a little every couple of weeks. Sometimes a little bit each day. Just depends on whether I am hungry or not. Normally, I’m never really hungry. But paleo is more than just about food. It’s a lifestyle. Adapting your life to what I am doing could turn your life around. The bottom line: I feel better with each passing day!


I created this website to share my own personal story and triumph. If this website helps even one person to turn their life around and live healthy and WIN! then I have achieved another goal:  to help others!


I named the site Paleo Winning because what I have found is a WIN! because it has literally transformed the way I look and feel. So feel free to jump into the paleo lifestyle and get to winning with Paleo Winning!


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